District 44 Last Fall Conference was a blast!

Thank you so much for your participation at Fall Conference on November 17-18, 2017.
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View pictures from our conference here:
Event Pictures

Congratulations to our winners:

2017 Fall Conference Humorous Speech Contest winners

2017 Fall Humorous Speech contest winners- 1st place: John Hartwell (left), 2nd place: Lina Surianto (Middle), 3rd place: Matt Floyd (right)

2017 Evaluation Contest Winners

2017 Fall Evaluation Contest Winners-
1st place: Kathleen Bingaman (middle), 2nd place: John Matthews (left), 3rd place: Julian Jaeger(right)

Youth Speech Contest Winners

2017 Fall Youth Speech Contest Winners- First Place: Aaron Dawson (right), 2nd Place: Rachita Iyer (middle), 3rd Place: Rick Shi (left)

2016-2017 Toastmaster of the Year

Toastmaster of the Year 2016-2017: Elizabeth Wilkey, DTM

2016-2017 Division Director of the Year

2016-2017 Division Director of the Year: Tonia Rowland, DTM

2016-2017 Area Director of the Year

2016-2017 Area Director of the Year: Dean Gudlauski

Thanks to all our Fall Conference Sponsors: